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Final Colour Restock

I have loved these colours but it's time to say farewell to them on their last restock!!

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Meet The Maker

Introducing Trace....

Hi I’m Trace the face behind Bamboo Sleeps. This adventure all started on my work travels mid 2020 ago where I actually forgot to pack my pj’s.

I walked into a store and for the first time saw Bamboo pj’s. Thoughts started racing back to home where I sleep in Bamboo sheets every night which are like sleeping on fluffy clouds.Then I was like why can’t I sleep in bamboo everywhere I go?

I travel a lot for my full-time job. I live out of a suitcase more than I’d like to admit and when I’m not travelling for work, I work from home. My days normally kick off with a coffee, a few hours work still in my pj’s until I then I get changed into more loungewear and continue to work.

Talking to friends and family I found so many of them too love the comfort of bamboo so I took a deep breath and said outloud - LET’S DO THIS and bamboo sleeps was born with the vision of good quality bamboo fabric and prices that everyone will love xoxo